Rokeby & Crossover Walking Train
   A visit to the hidden history of the Crossover area
To Old Crossover & Back
  Valid for one trip
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The Walking Train.


Two walks are planned in 2017/18

You must be booked in before the day.

To book:

Click this link to go to the contact page and record your interest.

Please note:-

There will be a

fee for the walks $25.00 for the long walk & $15.00 for the short


WARNING: this is not our usual stroll on a flat path. It is a one-way walk, mostly off track - up and down hills, pushing through undergrowth, etc. You must be capable of carrying your lunch and all items for about 7kms, without bail-out points.

A long walk ‘WalkingTrain Mines and Timber’ 

A sketch of the days proceedings. approx. 5:20 min.

9.30 am, Start at McDougal Road and Whitelaws  Track Crossover.

This walk take in the history of old Crossover town and the gold mining times as well as the timber logging history of the area off Gunn road. We finish back at Whitelaws Track.

 BYO - Picnic Lunch, drinks, boots, raincoats etc.

A short walk ‘WalkingTrain History’ 

A sketch of the days proceedings. approx. 2:45 min.

9.30 am, Start at Crossover State school with information of the area.

Viewing area of the Crossover historical bridge. The Big Gully seat area and the site of the railway contractor works depot. Walk to the cutting and learn about the amazing excavation of this cutting.

Bush walk to Crossover Station, the last platform of the Warragul to Noojee Railway.

Return to Crossover State School.